Where is the most interesting place to go this weekend?!?

Yes…that’s right, I’m sure your dying to know where to go!!!

Surprisingly you can find some of the BEST things to do in your own backyard! (Well, not really. This is a travel blog, so you will have to travel, but don’t worry…it’s not far!) 😜

Alright…Let’s go….

Festivals, festivals, FESTIVALS are some of the best places to go on the weekends to feel like you’re “away” while you are not too far from home. (Which means what exactly???) It means you’ll save $$$ and still have FUN, exploring AND adventuring (yes, there is that word again…lol). Saving money is always a plus with me! 👍🏾

So let’s get started shall we…


Why do the geese always cross the road? In front of me??? 😳

So here we are…on the road again to our next destination! What’s that phrase again?!? 🤔 hmmm…oh yea

To infinity and beyond…

So art festivals have all sorts of fun things like…FOOD…duh 🤗 (Food trucks are my absolute fav. And the are always at local festivals)!!!!

I love Poutine!

My favorite food truck ever!!!


Just a couple of food trucks at a local food truck and craft beer festival! 

So many people ask me…how do you know what’s going on that’s FUN, doesn’t cost a lot and is close by? (Well those gas prices are going up!)

  • Follow your fav food truck- A great way to find out what’s going on near you is to follow your favorite food truck on twitter! They are always traveling around to the most happening places and they make your favorite food, so it’s a win, win in my book!
  • Go seasonal! There are usually many local festivals that celebrate the different seasons! Some of my fav are Fall festivals and Holiday festivities!
  • Support a Cause! Many local nonprofits will have local celebrations to raise money for their organizations. These could be things like the a food drive, BBQ cookout, a dinner cruise, community garage sale or a bar crawl. So find your favorite cause and find a fun way to donate (and party)!
  • Visit local breweries and wineries!🍷 – These days MANY microbreweries are popping up all of the country, putting their own spin on different flavors and IPAs. These are usually small places with a “dive bar” kinda feel or Craft Beer festivals like the one below. 🍻

Psst…don’t forget your ID or there will be no day drinkin’ for you!

Try many different craft beers in one location!


Enjoying a little Craft beer on a nice day!

Lines to taste a variety of craft beers on tap!

Wineries are easier to find because I live in Western NY and the Fingerlakes Region (aka ‘wino heaven’) is literally in my backyard. But if you find a wine that you like at a local restaurant, you should ask if the winery where it is made is close by. If so, it’s very worth it to take a drive and order a flight of your favorite whites, reds and dessert wines (my fav), straight from the winery itself! The tasting rooms tend to have specific times that they are open, so you will want to check this out before leaving.

Taking a wine tour with a group of friends is also fun!

The wine tour ensures that no one has to be the “DD” and you can travel to more than one winery at a time.

All in all the goal is to Have Fun!!!

And you can do this quickly and inexpensively by “exploring local” and finding which “adventures” you like.

You can then use this knowledge to go to a bigger national or even international event that fits your “adventuring style.”

Until next time friends…

(And don’t forget to follow this blog and leave a comment below with thoughts on this post and other “adventuring” that you would like me to write about).

Much Love XOXO~

10 thoughts on “Where is the most interesting place to go this weekend?!?

  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Tiffanie,
    I love Halloween like you and Suzie. I met you at her blog party.
    I almost became a travel blogger like you but now I blog about blogging tips. I also have blog parties like Suzie. Tomorrow I’m hosting a Halloween party on my blog and I’d love for you to come.
    Is that a hot air balloon I see in the top photograph (without the balloon?) Fun! I went up in one this past summer for the first time.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips or would like to receive your invitation to my blog parties. I have six a month.


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