Welcome to the End of Summer!!!

Hey guys….welcome to my travel/lifestyle blog! I’m so excited to share my many adventures and travel finds with you. On my first blog, I’m sharing with you the joys of the New York State Fair in Cuse, NY!

NYS Fair

Welcome to the New York State Fair!!!

ok, ok, so before you make fun if it..NY has the 4th largest state fair in the country!!! Woop Woop!!! We even had the Lady of Winterfell herself- Sansa Stark #GoT #Housestark here to enjoy some fair food and rides (including the new Skyliner sky ride)!!! That cost a whopping $5 per one-way ride (even on $1 day). GRRRR!!!! Personally, I’m more of a Jon Snow fan myself, but I digress…

This year the fair beat out all previous years with its attendance (1,161,912 peeps to be exact), probably because of the multiple $1/days and $3/day admittance fees, which may not seem like a lot, but when the original price is $10/day, you end up saving money πŸ’°Β  (especially if you go more than once during the 13-day run, which most people do). Besides, I would rather spend the money on healthy food like alligator bites, funnel cakes, $1 baked potatoes, cotton candy, candy apples, Gianelli sausages, Dinosaur BBQ, wine slushies (I personally prefer Ashley Lynn Winery for slushies, although there are MANY to choose from), and blooming onions!!! Yummy!!! My mouth is watering just thinking of all these foods!Β πŸ˜‹


The BEST baked potatoes east of the Mississippi! Soooo…goood!


I told you these existed…😳

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Just a crazy-eyed spectacled owl!!! πŸ¦‰


All in all it was a great time! A little hot-as-hell (even for Syracuse) but it was fun and a really nice way to send off the summer!

Bring on the Fall (my personal fave)

There will be much more to come on this blog, so stay tuned and follow my blog!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

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