2018…and so the adventure begins! To start anew through experience & adventures

Happy 2018 Travelers!!!

By now I’m sure you have thought of a “New Year’s resolution” and tried hard to make it something you can actually obtain this year, but “resolutions” are only made once a year. 🤨

What’s new on the horizon for 2018?!?

lf you really want to make a true “change” in your life you will have to mindfully work toward it everyday, not just once a year!

Dreams are good…but goals are better!!!

 What are your goals? A great way to start off a new year is to ask yourself what do I want to accomplish? And whatever the answer is you want to make sure that you are doing whatever it takes to reach that goal. Be the boss of your life, and don’t let someone else control the decisions in your life.

Focus on making a true “change” in your life…one step at a time.

Most people want to become a “better” version of themselves. Well…to become a “better version” you have to have the knowledge that will make yourself better, whatever better means to you.

A great way to gain knowledge is through experiences and adventures! That is why I love to travel. I love learning new things, new languages, new cultures, new foods, new ways of life. Traveling is a way of being exposed to differences that can help give you a better perspective on your own life and help you grow.

There is sooo much out there in the world. SO much to explore…its AMAZING! 🌎

My goal is to learn as much as I can through travels, adventures and exploring and to share that information/knowledge with you on this blog. 😁

To start anew means to be open to new ideas, new experiences and new friends.

So cheers to the New Year my friends! 🥂

And regardless of whether or not you have an official “New Year’s resolution,” please open yourself to new ideas .💡


Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the WORLD!

If you are interested in expanding your world views to learn more make sure you include new experiences at the top of your list of things to work on accomplishing this year!

And no matter what travels and adventures you have this year, make sure you are open to looking for the “lessons” in each and every experience (no matter how small or inexpensive). 😜 For every experience contains knowledge and lessons to gain.

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy 2018 my friends!

I hope these thoughts are helpful to you in the new year.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments below. 👇🏾

Until next time. Happy Adventuring! 😎

💜~ Much love XOXO & Safe Travels~💜

20 Followers?!? I am sooo grateful for all the 💖!!!

Hey Hey to all my adventuring friends ✨!

First of all… I have to send out a HUGE THANK YOU 💕 to everyone who took the time to check out my new blog! I cannot thank you all enough for being adventurous and deciding to check-out a new lifestyle/adventuring travel blog!!!☺️  I am very happy and thankful for each and everyone of you!!! ! I am so happy that I get the opportunity to share all of my adventures with all of you!!! Even tho this may seem like a “small milestone” to some of you, it means the  to me and I am truly very grateful!!!

I would like to thank my family, friends, and of course all of my followers and readers! Whether you like, comment, read, follow or just view the photos on my blog, I am extremely grateful for all of your support!!! 😉 When I started blogging I wasn’t expecting so much support, positivity and love! Everyone has been so supportive and I truly appreciate all the likes, follows and comments! I hope that I can continue to provide interesting content and cool photos that you all can enjoy!!!

My next goal is to reach 50 followers! With that said… you know what to do !!!

😄I hope you enjoyed this little post!!! Don’t forget to leave your travel thoughts & comments below.

Until next time, friends, Happy Adventuring!

~Cheers and Enjoy!!!~

Much love XOXO & Safe Travels

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Top 8 ways to rejuvenate during vacation!!!

Trust me…we are all trying to get away when it comes to “vacation.” The day-to-day becomes very predictable and “ordinary” and sometimes stressful, so we want to find a way to unwind…

Putting yourself first is not something that I am an expert in, by any means, but I am learning how to take better care of myself, by taking time to reflect and breathe.

A way to step away from your life for a bit and truly evaluate your career and your everyday, is to take a vacation for a week. To “unplug” yourself literally from emails, cellphones (unless it’s an emergency), family drama, work gossip, daily stressors, and last but not least social media. (Everyone knows that the number one rule about social media is that you do not post while you are away!)

Below are a list of ways that you can rejuvenate and better yourself while on vacation.

1. Do Nothing!!!– That’s right I said it. This means don’t make plans, don’t answer emails, don’t “phone a friend,” don’t even cook for yourself. Just be in the present moment and be mindful of how you feel when you are away and unplugged.

2. Read a book– This is a great way to detach from reality. Especially when you read a book that could better your life. Some of my suggestions would be:


Detach from reality and better yourself…

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  • Wherever you go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • You are a Badass: How to stop doubting your Greatness and start living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero
  • How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

3. Eat what you want – If you are on a diet, that goes out the window when on vacation. You don’t want to restrict yourself when you are supposed to relax and let go. So wave “bye Felicia” to your diet and Enjoy! 😜 There are plenty of weeks to torture yourself with a diet during the year, missing one week of your diet is not going to hurt.

4. Have Fun – Yes, this needs to be on the list because some people do not know how to have fun, without having it on a list.

5. Explore – Site see and explore the area. Even if you have a stay-cation, you may find new places to check out while you are “off the grid.” Do something you normally would never do (while being safe). Suggestions would be going to a new restaurant in town, go to a park you’ve never been to, or the new exhibit at the local art gallery or museum. Go out and listen to a band/group you’ve never heard before. Go to a sporting event that you’ve never been to, but always wanted to go see. Challenge yourself to “go big or go home!” 🙂


Soak up some sun!

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Where is the most interesting place to go this weekend?!?

Yes…that’s right, I’m sure your dying to know where to go!!!

Surprisingly you can find some of the BEST things to do in your own backyard! (Well, not really. This is a travel blog, so you will have to travel, but don’t worry…it’s not far!) 😜

Alright…Let’s go….

Festivals, festivals, FESTIVALS are some of the best places to go on the weekends to feel like you’re “away” while you are not too far from home. (Which means what exactly???) It means you’ll save $$$ and still have FUN, exploring AND adventuring (yes, there is that word again…lol). Saving money is always a plus with me! 👍🏾

So let’s get started shall we…


Why do the geese always cross the road? In front of me??? 😳

So here we are…on the road again to our next destination! What’s that phrase again?!? 🤔 hmmm…oh yea

To infinity and beyond…

So art festivals have all sorts of fun things like…FOOD…duh 🤗 (Food trucks are my absolute fav. And the are always at local festivals)!!!!

I love Poutine!

My favorite food truck ever!!!


Just a couple of food trucks at a local food truck and craft beer festival! 

So many people ask me…how do you know what’s going on that’s FUN, doesn’t cost a lot and is close by? (Well those gas prices are going up!)

  • Follow your fav food truck- A great way to find out what’s going on near you is to follow your favorite food truck on twitter! They are always traveling around to the most happening places and they make your favorite food, so it’s a win, win in my book!
  • Go seasonal! There are usually many local festivals that celebrate the different seasons! Some of my fav are Fall festivals and Holiday festivities!
  • Support a Cause! Many local nonprofits will have local celebrations to raise money for their organizations. These could be things like the a food drive, BBQ cookout, a dinner cruise, community garage sale or a bar crawl. So find your favorite cause and find a fun way to donate (and party)!
  • Visit local breweries and wineries!🍷 – These days MANY microbreweries are popping up all of the country, putting their own spin on different flavors and IPAs. These are usually small places with a “dive bar” kinda feel or Craft Beer festivals like the one below. 🍻

Psst…don’t forget your ID or there will be no day drinkin’ for you!

Try many different craft beers in one location!


Enjoying a little Craft beer on a nice day!

Lines to taste a variety of craft beers on tap!

Wineries are easier to find because I live in Western NY and the Fingerlakes Region (aka ‘wino heaven’) is literally in my backyard. But if you find a wine that you like at a local restaurant, you should ask if the winery where it is made is close by. If so, it’s very worth it to take a drive and order a flight of your favorite whites, reds and dessert wines (my fav), straight from the winery itself! The tasting rooms tend to have specific times that they are open, so you will want to check this out before leaving.

Taking a wine tour with a group of friends is also fun!

The wine tour ensures that no one has to be the “DD” and you can travel to more than one winery at a time.

All in all the goal is to Have Fun!!!

And you can do this quickly and inexpensively by “exploring local” and finding which “adventures” you like.

You can then use this knowledge to go to a bigger national or even international event that fits your “adventuring style.”

Until next time friends…

(And don’t forget to follow this blog and leave a comment below with thoughts on this post and other “adventuring” that you would like me to write about).

Much Love XOXO~

Welcome to the End of Summer!!!

Hey guys….welcome to my travel/lifestyle blog! I’m so excited to share my many adventures and travel finds with you. On my first blog, I’m sharing with you the joys of the New York State Fair in Cuse, NY!

NYS Fair

Welcome to the New York State Fair!!!

ok, ok, so before you make fun if it..NY has the 4th largest state fair in the country!!! Woop Woop!!! We even had the Lady of Winterfell herself- Sansa Stark #GoT #Housestark here to enjoy some fair food and rides (including the new Skyliner sky ride)!!! That cost a whopping $5 per one-way ride (even on $1 day). GRRRR!!!! Personally, I’m more of a Jon Snow fan myself, but I digress…

This year the fair beat out all previous years with its attendance (1,161,912 peeps to be exact), probably because of the multiple $1/days and $3/day admittance fees, which may not seem like a lot, but when the original price is $10/day, you end up saving money 💰  (especially if you go more than once during the 13-day run, which most people do). Besides, I would rather spend the money on healthy food like alligator bites, funnel cakes, $1 baked potatoes, cotton candy, candy apples, Gianelli sausages, Dinosaur BBQ, wine slushies (I personally prefer Ashley Lynn Winery for slushies, although there are MANY to choose from), and blooming onions!!! Yummy!!! My mouth is watering just thinking of all these foods! 😋


The BEST baked potatoes east of the Mississippi! Soooo…goood!


I told you these existed…😳

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Just a crazy-eyed spectacled owl!!! 🦉


All in all it was a great time! A little hot-as-hell (even for Syracuse) but it was fun and a really nice way to send off the summer!

Bring on the Fall (my personal fave)

There will be much more to come on this blog, so stay tuned and follow my blog!!! 😊👍🏾👏🏾


Hey Guys…Welcome to my travel site!!!

I’m so excited to share my many adventures with you on this site!

Please feel free to leave your comments about things you’d like me to talk about or any questions you have about my posts!

I’d be more than happy to share my tips and tricks of travel with you!

~Cheers and Enjoy!!!~

Much love XOXO